About Us

Back in 1990, an experienced commercial real estate mortgage executive realized that there was a better way to serve his clients. That’s when Michael "Mick" Thorsland launched Venture Mortgage.

By combining the creativity and flexibility of an independent firm with the financial firepower of major national lenders, Venture Mortgage has become one of the most successful and highly respected commercial real estate mortgage firms in the Upper Midwest. Under Mick’s steady leadership, the firm has originated more than $3.3 billion in commercial real estate loans and has a servicing portfolio in excess of $650 million and growing.

Today, Venture Mortgage has grown to twelve employees, including six producers. But we are still guided by the core values Mick established more than two decades ago: superior service, creativity, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

To find out more about how these qualities translate into a better value for your commercial real estate mortgage needs, please contact us at (952) 893-1877 or info@venturemortgage.com.

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