Strategic Alliance Mortgage, LLC

What is SAM?

SAM, or Strategic Alliance Mortgage, is an organization of 22 entrepreneurial commercial mortgage firms throughout the United States. SAM is a unique platform of proactive, problem solvers who actively seek to offer innovative, beneficial solutions for borrowers and lenders.

SAM members are responsible for over $110 billion in originations since 2001, and collectively have a $40 billion servicing portfolio. In 2014 alone, we closed over 1,100 commercial real estate loans with 280 different lenders totaling more than $11.6 billion in volume.

Why is Venture Mortgage Corporation affiliated with SAM?

VMC is a private, locally owned commercial real estate mortgage banking firm founded and operated by entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurial passion and drive directly contribute to our success, and we know from experience how important it is to solve problems by leveraging experience and knowledge. SAM, as a collection of like-minded mortgage banking firms covering 36 markets nationwide, offers a unique opportunity for its members to share knowledge and activity about borrowers and lenders; with this shared knowledge, we are able to ensure that our clients are getting the most competitive structures available in the marketplace.

What does Venture Mortgage's affiliation with SAM mean for me, the client?

Because our firm is so narrowly focused on commercial real estate finance, we recognize the importance of being active in the lending community daily. SAM affiliates exchange real-time market intelligence that cannot be obtained anywhere else. SAM's members share lender activity and information via our sophisticated interactive cloud database; this real-time information sharing ensure that we constantly have a finger on the pulse of the most active lenders with the most aggressive loan-to-values, terms, rates, amortizations, and overall structures.

Thanks to this daily exchange of information, borrowers directly benefit as we create a market for each client's loan with the motivated to lend at the most favorable structures available in the marketplace. Contact Venture Mortgage now to reap the benefits of our shared knowledge, collective experience, and tremendous influence as you seek capital for your next commercial real estate project!